Basketball has afforded me the opportunity to travel and see new cultures, further my education and learn more about myself and about what it takes to win as an elite athlete. I was lucky enough to be introduced to basketball at a young age by the right kind of person and it is my wish to give young people today the same positive start.

Basketball is the ultimate team sport where five individuals, each with unique skills, come together as one unit. Hoopsclinic has been up and running since summer 2005 and has continued to grow nationally and internationally since then. It aims to sharpen individual skills essential to the game and then show how these skills come together in a team setting. 

Hoopsclinic offers fun camps, individual sessions and school's programmes that guarantee player improvement. The camps are available to anyone from 6 - 18 years, and the individual sessions for 12 years and upwards. 

Enjoy the pictures, weblinks and information that follow! 


Basketball doesn't build character it reveals it. à Author Unknown